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At Eastern Mechanics, we service all foreign and domestic transmissions in any configuration, including 4-wheel drive (FWD), rear-wheel drive (RWD), rear-engine design, mid-engine design, and traditional front-engine design. We use only top-quality parts and fluids. Warranty work is always welcome. It does not matter if your car is a classic Ford T-Bird from 1959 or a modern rear-engine Porsche; whatever kind of car or truck you have, we understand your vehicle’s transmission needs. When you require transmission service in Fort McMurray, we’re the ones to call! Our highly trained specialists are standing by to make your car drive like new again.


There are several problems that can be resolved with an adjustment or minor repair. A simple adjustment is one that can be made without removing the transmission from the vehicle.

If a late model transmission (computer-controlled transmissions that started becoming popular in the early ’90s) is not shifting properly, it is often the result of a computer sending incorrect signals due to a faulty sensor. It could also be a case of the transmission not reacting to the computer command because of a bad connection or defective solenoid pack. These problems can be corrected while the transmission is in the car for considerably less money than a complete overhaul.

If a non-computer-controlled transmission is shifting too early or too late, it may require an adjustment to the throttle cable. Since throttle cables malfunction on their own or due to wear and tear, these misadjustments are usually due to faulty repair work or damage from an accident. If the vehicle has a vacuum modulator instead of a throttle cable, there is an adjustment that can be made using an adjustment screw in some modulator designs. In vehicles with modulators, however, it is very important that there are no vacuum leaks and that the engine is running at peak efficiency. An engine’s vacuum is very sensitive to how well the engine is running. In fact, many technicians use a vacuum gauge to diagnose performance problems and state-of-tune. Many problems that seem to be transmission problems disappear after a tune-up or engine-performance repair.

In some older transmissions, bands can be adjusted to resolve slipping conditions. Slipping is when an engine races briefly when the transmission shifts from one gear to the next. There are no adjustments for clutch packs, however.


A transmission is resealed in order to repair external transmission fluid leaks. If you see spots of red oil on the ground under the car, your transmission may be a candidate for a reseal job. In order to check a transmission for leaks, a technician will put the car on a lift and examine the unit for signs of oil leaks. If a leak is spotted at any of the external seals or gaskets and the transmission otherwise performs well, the technician will most likely recommend that the transmission be resealed.

Most of the external seals can be replaced while the transmission is still in the car but, if the front seal must be replaced, the transmission must first be removed from the vehicle in order to gain access to it, making it a much costlier job.


There are a number of parts that are accessible without requiring the removal of the complete transmission. Many of the control parts, including most of the electrical parts, are serviceable by simply removing the oil pan. The parts that are accessible, however, vary from transmission to transmission, and most transmission repair facilities would hesitate to provide meaningful warranties on external repairs for the simple reason that they cannot see if there are any additional internal problems in the components that are only accessible by transmission removal.

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